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A California LLC, which is short for limited liability company, is another form of business entity. Business owners can unnecessarily waste precious time trying to decide whether to form an LLC or a corporation for a new business venture. LLCs enjoy many of the same benefits of corporate status. When properly formed and operated, an LLC can provide you with limited liability protection, allowing you to operate the business without fear of exposing your personal assets to business debts. It can also provide tax advantages to you, and give your businesses a professional look and feel that may help you appeal to a broader client base and reach that next level.

LLC owners (which are referred to as LLC members) also have flexibility in tax planning. The LLC can elect to be taxed as a partnership, as an S-corporation, or as a disregarded entity. As an owner of the LLC, you will have flexibility in determining how to divide the distributions among all of the LLC members. Similar to the owners of an S-Corporation, LLC members avoid the double taxation to which C-Corporation shareholders are subjected. LLCs aren’t required to pay income tax at the federal level. However, like corporations and all other formal business entities in California, California limited liability companies are still required to pay the minimum franchise tax.

For a typical small business owner, many of the differences between LLCs and corporations can seem subtle and insignificant. Both forms will give you the limited liability and professional appeal you seek, and keep your business separate from your personal affairs. But don’t be fooled. In most situations, the difference between the two forms is significant and the decision regarding which form to choose shouldn’t be made without the assistance of an LLC formation attorney. The consequences of making this decision without professional assistance can be costly.

At Tailored Legal, our LLC attorney can help you decide whether to form an LLC and explain its unique advantages to you. You can request an initial consultation at no cost to you, and if you hire us to form your California LLC, we’ll do it at a fixed price so you can budget your business start-up expenses. To form your limited liability company, we will prepare and file the following LLC organizational documents on your behalf:

  • Articles of Organization;
  • Statement of Information;
  • Operating Agreement;
  • LLC Membership Records;
  • SS-4 Application for Federal Employment Identification Number.

If you are serious about forming your new business and selecting the right business form, contact Tailored Legal today to schedule a meeting with a LLC attorney.


I truly appreciate that all services are provided on a fixed fee basis, because my clients and I know the exact cost before moving forward…
John is there to advise me, my business and my family every step of the way…
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