Business Entity Compliance

How do you form a business entity compliance in California?


At times, the regulations and licensing requirements facing California businesses can seem endless.  Each year, the laws change and employers are forced to comply with new regulations or face stiff fines and penalties.  If a California corporation or LLC fails to comply with the California Corporations Code, they may lose their limited liability status and subject their business owners to personal liability.  At Tailored Legal, we can help your business comply with regulations established by California’s regulatory agencies, including:

Tailored Legal attorney can help you with all of your standard business compliance matters, including:

  • Statement of Information Filings;
  • Annual Minutes;
  • Written Consent Actions of Shareholders, Board of Directors, and Officers;
  • LLC Written Consent Actions;
  • 25102(f) Limited Offering Exemption;
  • Department of Corporations Notice of Transaction;
  • Other Securities Exemptions.

Businesses must also ensure they are operating with a valid business license in the county of their principal place of business and with the authority of their industry’s regulatory body.  We can help you apply for and maintain the appropriate Business Licenses.

Contact a business and compliance attorney with Tailored Legal today and get the help your business needs to ensure it complies with all of California’s regulations.