We charge for our legal services in one of two ways:

Fixed Fees

A fixed fee is a flat charge for a particular service. We offer a fixed fee when the work required to complete the service is certain, well-defined, and when we know what it takes to get you to the finish line. All attorney time, all communications between us, and all of the other work it takes to complete the service are included in the fixed fee. Examples of services offered on a fixed fee basis include:

  • Corporation formation.
  • LLC formation.
  • Review of records for existing corporation, LLC or partnership.
  • Living Trusts.
  • Estate Plans.
  • Review of existing estate plan records.

Hourly Fees

We offer our services on an hourly basis when the work required to complete the service is uncertain and we can’t quite see the finish line. In these matters, we’ll bill at our current hourly rates for attorneys and paralegals. Before beginning our work, we’ll give you an estimate, and then we’ll keep you updated along the way to ensure our work is within your budget. Examples of services offered on an hourly basis include:

  • Business transactions.
  • Negotiations.
  • Buyer representation in a business purchase.
  • Seller representation in a business sale.
  • Asset protection plans and implementation.

Billing and Deposits

In all matters, before we begin our work, we’ll collect either the fixed fee or a deposit to be held in our client trust account and that we’ll periodically bill against.