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What Are Fixed Fees and When Are They Beneficial?

A fixed fee, or flat fee, is a single charge for legal services that is set at the beginning of the representation and does not change. This allows you to throw away the time clock and contact your attorney at Tailored Legal anytime without ever worrying that you’ll be charged an hourly rate on a day- to-day basis. You’ll never have to scrutinize another legal bill again.

How Does It Work?

After a no cost consultation about your specific needs and personal budget, we’ll quote you  a fixed-fee  for customized legal services. You’ll leave our office with a detailed scope of services and the exact dollar amount it will cost. With fixed fees, you have control. No hidden fees, no surprise costs down the road. You can call or email your attorney any time, without worrying about incurring additional fees for day- to- day questions. You should never be penalized for communicating with your attorney. At Tailored Legal we truly care about you, your family, and your business.

Will It Save Me Money?

Yes. A fixed fee is designed to benefit the client because you deserve to know in advance, with absolute certainty, how much you’ll pay for services. Finally, you have control to find quality legal services within your budget. With no financial surprises, you can spend your money on what matters to you most. No more wasting money on inconsistent legal bills for services. We want you focused on your family and your business – and not on the legal bills or the time clock.

How To Get Started

Hiring the right attorney is an important decision that should not be compromised. At Tailored Legal, we believe it’s essential that you feel confident in your attorney’s legal knowledge, comfortable with the fixed price for service, and certain your matter will be resolved according to your expectations. You don’t need an attorney you can’t relate to, or even understand.  You need an honest attorney, who is focused on your business and your family — someone who values how unique your legal matter truly is and is able to customize legal services for a fixed price within your budget. You can start the conversation today with a Tailored Legal attorney without paying a single dollar or signing a contract. There is no cost for the initial consultation and you’ll be able to ask honest questions to better understand your situation and your legal options without feeling pressured or obligated to move forward.

Get Started Today With A No Cost Consultation

There’s excitement in starting your business but, unfortunately, there can also be challenges early on.  The statistics for failed startup businesses in year one are alarming.   This doesn’t have to be you.  Because we’ve been there, and love the dream as you do, we’re proud to offer fixed fees for legal services that we know will benefit your business and ensure you start in the right direction.  You deserve to succeed, and you can.   We are here to help and will guide you in the process as if it’s our own business.  For us, it’s nostalgic and rewarding. More than that, we get great satisfaction from helping you grow from a start up to a successful business.  Our experience helping San Diego companies at every stage of growth, and with every kind of business transaction, makes us a tremendous early sounding board, continued advisor and affordable resource in reaching your business goals.

The practical guidance and advice we offer stem from our personal experience in business and guiding respected San Diego business owners. We never offer advice we wouldn’t follow ourselves in your situation; and we are fully aware that keeping costs down is a major goal for every business.   You don’t need bundled overpriced legal services.  You need an attorney who treats your business through the lens of a stakeholder; invested in the longterm outcome.   That’s Tailored Legal.  We mange your legal work so you can spend more time doing what you truly enjoy.  Let us use our passion to help you manage yours.

Like you, we know there is nothing more important in this world than family.  That’s why we offer estate planning services using legal tools like wills and trusts, which puts a plan in place for your family’s future.   We understand these decisions can be difficult and are often delayed.  We want to simplify the process for you so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your family affairs are in order.   We’ll custom tailor an estate plan to meet your family’s needs, and we’ll do it for a fixed price within your family’s budget.  

Practice Areas 4 Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked hard and you have assets to show for it.  But you can’t stop there – you need to protect what you’ve built.  Your assets make you a target and the more valuable they become, the bigger the target gets.  But you can reduce your risk and shrink the target using a customized asset protection plan.  We’ll tailor a plan to your needs, and we’ll integrate it with your business and your estate plan.  Rest assured knowing your assets are protected and your future is secure.

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Simplify your life. Let us help you plan it.