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If you are thinking about starting your own business, you’ve likely spent time researching the different types of business entities available, which include: a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC. The most common business forms are corporations and LLCs because of the limited liability protection they provide to the business owners. Without professional legal guidance, it can be a rather difficult process to choose one form over another because their differences may seem subtle. During a no cost consultation, a Tailored Legal attorney will meet with you to explain the critical and nuanced differences between each option and help you understand the long term implications associated, so you feel confident and secure with your choice of business form.

The rule of thumb is that a corporation is the best form for businesses that have active operations. A corporation will protect your personal assets from the liabilities of your business, it can help you reduce dreaded self-employment taxes, and it isn’t subject to a gross receipts tax, which limited liability companies must pay. Of course, every business is different and the best form for your business will be based on your individual circumstances. At Tailored Legal, we’ll help you decide if a corporation is best for your business, and, if so, we will complete every step necessary to form a California corporation. We will do it all for an affordable fixed price so you know what it will cost before we get started. To form your California corporation, we will prepare and file the following documents with the California Secretary of State, the IRS and the Department of Corporations:

  • Articles of Incorporation;
  • S-Corporation Election;
  • SS-4 Application for Employer ID Number (EIN);
  • California Corporations Code Section 215102(f) Limited Offering Exemption Notice.

We will also prepare your own internal corporate records, which the California Corporations Code requires you to maintain, including:

  • Corporate Bylaws;
  • Initial Organizational Minutes;
  • Stock Certificates;
  • Stock Ledger.

California corporations are required to elect directors and officers of the corporation. New business owners often have many questions about this process. We will answer your questions to ensure your understanding, and we will help you elect a board of directors and chairman of the board, as well as corporate officers, including the president, secretary and treasurer.

If timing is critical, we will expedite the processing of your corporation by utilizing the Secretary of State’s expedited filing service so that your corporation is up and running within just a few days.

As with all Tailored Legal services, upon completion of your legal matter, we meet with you to review the services, answer any follow up questions, and layout your next steps. Typically, this includes specific instructions for operating your business through a corporation. To ensure our clients receive the best quality care outside of the services of Tailored Legal, we offer our clients access to our professional network of San Diego’s brightest advisors, including bookkeeping, accounting and tax matters, payroll, financial planning, insurance, real estate and more.

Tailored Legal can complete the formation of your corporation so you can feel confident that it was formed right. Upon completion of our corporate formation services, you will immediately begin to see the benefits of corporate status, including limited liability protection, reduced tax obligations, and professional appeal.

Contact Tailored Legal today for a no cost consultation to learn more about corporation formation.


I truly appreciate that all services are provided on a fixed fee basis, because my clients and I know the exact cost before moving forward…
John is there to advise me, my business and my family every step of the way…
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