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Real Estate

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Real Estate

Does your business own real estate?   How is the real estate titled?  These are important questions every business owner should consider.  Real estate owned by the business is subject to the risks and liabilities of the business.  If you operate your business as a sole proprietorship, any real estate you own is subject to the liabilities and creditors of your business.  Similarly, if you operate your business through a corporation or LLC, any real estate owned by the corporation or LLC is subject to the risks of the business.  Complicating matters is the fact that once real estate is acquired by your corporation or LLC, it can be very difficult to transfer out of the business without severe tax consequences.  This is often a costly surprise to most business owners when it is too late to avoid or change the course of action.

The solution for your business is simple – don’t acquire real estate in the business name.  At Tailored Legal, we can help you decide the best way to acquire real estate for personal use and for use by your business.  California LLCs are commonly used by business owners to hold real estate.  LLCs are relatively simple to form and their annual regulatory compliance is minimal.  Moreover, holding your real estate in a LLC separate from your business entity will protect it from the liabilities of your business, and by leasing the real estate from your LLC to your business, you can pull money out of your business through lease payments which will lower the amount of payroll and self-employment taxes you are required to pay.

Our business attorney can help you form a California LLC to acquire and hold your real estate.  We can also help you transfer your real estate to your new LLC and ensure any lease agreement between the LLC and your business isn’t scrutinized by the IRS.  We can prepare all of your real estate documents, including:

  • Real property deeds;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Residential leases;
  • California LLC Operating Agreements.

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I truly appreciate that all services are provided on a fixed fee basis, because my clients and I know the exact cost before moving forward…
John is there to advise me, my business and my family every step of the way…
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