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Why Fixed Fee Legal Services Save You Money


A fixed fee, or flat fee, is a single charge for legal services that is set at the beginning of the representation and does not change. This allows you to throw away the time clock and contact your attorney at Tailored Legal anytime without ever worrying that you’ll be charged an hourly rate on a day- to-day basis. You’ll never have to scrutinize another legal bill again.

As a client, there are numerous benefits to engaging in a fixed fee billing option.   We’ve listed several for your benefit below.

Make Quality Legal Services Affordable, Saving Clients Money

Knowing the exact dollar amount your case will cost, allows you to hire an experienced attorney at an affordable rate.  Fixed fees save the cost of countless “billable hours” you’d otherwise be billed for.  In the long run, clients save significant amounts of money.

The beauty of fixed fees is that there is no pre-set limit on how much time your attorney will spend on the case for what you have paid–it will be as much or as little time as is required, in other words “whatever it takes”.

Make Attorney Fees Predictable

You’ll leave with a detailed scope of services and the exact dollar amount it will cost. With fixed fees, you have control. No hidden fees, no surprise costs down the road. You can call or email your attorney any time, without worrying about incurring additional fees for day- to- day questions.

Eliminate Hourly Billing and Confusion Over Fees

Often with hourly billing comes the annoyance of having to pay for things like telephone consultations, travel time, research time, preparation time, courtroom time, and even the time it takes to calculate your bill (billing time)!  (Yes, you can be billed for things like “handling” your file, “reviewing” your file, etc. And if you talk to your attorney, by phone, email, or text, expect to be charged for this as well!).  With fixed fees, you aren’t charged a line item fee for each of these occurrences and you can call, fax, or email your attorney any day any time, without worrying about incurring additional fees.

Contact a Tailored Legal attorney today to schedule a cost free consultation at a fixed fee rate.

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I truly appreciate that all services are provided on a fixed fee basis, because my clients and I know the exact cost before moving forward…
John is there to advise me, my business and my family every step of the way…
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